Members of the Order of the Chivalry are awarded this rank for excellence in heavy combat arts. SCA Knights are recognized by their white belts, and also gold spurs and gold chains (in some Kingdoms, all spurs and unadorned open-linked chains regardless of color are reserved for knights only).

Knighted men are addressed as Sir, and Knighted women as Sir, Dame, or some other title (as the Knight chooses). Knights may take Squires, promising younger fighters, as students of chivalry and martial art. Squires are usually recognizable by their red belts (note: the red belt is not customary in all Kingdoms). Some Knights serve as squires first, but this is not a requirement.

“The Chivalry” is a collective term referring to all knights and masters at arms — that is, members of the Order of the Chivalry, a Society-wide peerage order. As it is an accolade recognized throughout the Society, any knights who move into Caid are welcomed as equal members of the Order of Chivalry in Caid.

The Order of Chivalry (or Order of Knighthood) is a patent level award for those who have excelled in Armored Combat.

The Order of Chivalry contains two different branches.

  1. Knights (KSCA) Swears fealty to the crown, wears a white belt and chain.
  2. Master of Arms (MSCA) Is not required to swear fealty to the crown, wears a white baldric.

As of January 2017, each new member of the order mad in Caid has chosen to become a knight instead of a master.

Caidan tradition holds that members of the Order of Chivalry may wear spurs at all times and non-knights may only wear spurs when participating in equestrian activities. The spur is not a reserved heraldic charge however, anyone may include a spur in their registered heraldry.